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Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback which charts brainwave frequencies in real-time in order to teach the brain self-regulation. It can help break undesirable mental or behavioral patterns by providing reinforcement for "normal" function during the course of training.

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The Simple Explanation

Neurofeedback is a technique that targets brainwave frequencies to teach self-regulation. When the brain is not functioning optimally, it often reflects in mental or physical problems. Restoring function to the brain by means of neuro-biofeedback can alleviate a large variety of physical and emotional problems.

Neurofeedback training can reduce anxiety and depression as well as symptoms such as migraine or chronic pain. Disrupted sleep patterns, hyperactivity, attention deficit, post-traumatic stress and emotional instability are also frequently associated with deregulation in brainwave frequencies and as such can be targeted with neurofeedback training.

How does it work?

You are required to sit in front of a computer monitor and watch a video. The video responds to the specific criteria determined by the individual's brain training protocol.​ It is recommended that you should inform your medical doctor, therapist or psychologist that you are receiving Neurofeedback training.



NeuroBrain is developed by our expert research team and found to be a highly effective tool for brain entrainment. 


​Every trainee holds an individual account that is specially set according to their needs. 

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NeuroManagement is a software used to manage the trainees' accounts and training protocols. All training data are stored to a centralized server; it allows our certified practitioners to access the data anytime, anywhere.


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