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NST headset combines the cutting-edge technology of Brain Entrainment with the combination of 4 technologies, which are binaural wave technology, isochronus audio, single audio technology and high audio technology. The concept involved the use of different technologies at different times to deliver the full current of the neuronal pulses to the entire cerebral cortex. This process is able to awaken the entire brain system by revitalising the nerves.

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Neurosound Technology headset comes in 4 themes,

which are active learning, autism, concentration, & memory.

Each headset is customised to individual needs.

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Active Learning

Suitable range:

Lazy, lack of motivation, dislike learning, feeling drowsy upon picking up books, especially for adolescents with higher alpha band in the frontal cortex of the brain.


Active learning, increase absorption level, empower thinking ability, enhance understanding.

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Suitable range:

Children and adolescents who often distracted, looking around while doing homework, hyperactive, imbalance left & right brain, often daydream. 


More focused, minimize distraction, reduce nervousness, increase patience and study calmly.

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Suitable range:

Children and adolescents who are often forgetful, facing difficulty in memorizing words, memory decline, weak short-term memory and weak logical thinking ability.  


Enhance memory, empower process of understanding, increase brain energy.


Improve Learning Status

Enhance Memory

Increase EQ

Improve Social & Communication Abilities

Strengthen Brain's Function

Achieve the Balanced State of Left & Right Brain

Help us to Relax & Be Calm

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