Developed based on professional intelligence and research-based evidence, Smart Sleep Device is proved to be effective on revitalizing one’s body over a nap. The device is scientifically built to sample brainwaves with the use of EEG algorithm in real time, in order to derive individualized audio waves that are uniquely suited for each individual. With the use of Smart Sleep Device, users will feel refreshed and energized within a short period.

Relieves Stress &

Lower Blood Concentration


Immune System

Relaxes the 
Cardiovascular System

Increases Work Efficiency 
during the day

Improves Memory

 Enhances Learning 


Revitalizes &
Restores Energy

Relax and relieve your stress for 30 minutes to revitalize yourself.

Witness the comparison in the changes of the brainwaves before and after using Smart Sleep Device (SSD), via a personal healthy EEG report.

Unbelievable results reveal after using Smart Sleep, the EEG report shows significant inclination towards the healthy EEG, thereby proving the validity of the scientific theory behind Smart Sleep.

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